7 Home trends that are making a comeback.

Trying to keep up with the Jones?

These 7 old school home decor trends will set you on the trendy path.

We all put our own spin on our home decor which makes it all individual, two people can buy the same item and it can look completely different in each home, it's what makes us human and individuals.

Cane/bamboo furniture

The groovy interiors of the 70s is making a huge comeback and one trend seemingly sticking around is bamboo/cane/woven furniture, admit it you like really!

It's natural, goes in any room and right on trend.

From huge headboards, rattan light shades to big peacock chairs this trend is one that is sticking around.

We found a lovely light shade similar to this one on amazon - https://amzn.to/3J8CKel

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House plants

House plants don't just look lovely they help with the air quality in the home.

The snake plant is one plant that has seen a huge revival the past 18 months, easy to keep alive and helps with the air purification in your home.

House plants seem to have grown so much in popularity that it is now common to see whole rooms transformed into indoor forests and tropical landscapes.

70's trends bought the plants indoors and for those green- thumbed enough a lot of the plants are still alive today and cuttings are taken by the kids to grow new plants in their homes.

We found these 6 mixed house plants with a snake plant in over on amazon- take a look here https://amzn.to/3OG2LTj

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Panelled walls

Years ago if we saw wood panelling in a home it would be classed as out dated and most people ripped it out in favour of smooth walls.

Now we seem to be putting it all back and then more.

Wooden or even faux panelled walls are popular in bedrooms, people have used the idea for headboards and added shelves on the top to make more of a feature.

Years ago wood panelling would be dark and dingy, not this time round.

Lots of designers and home DIYers are painting it every colour- green seems to be popular.

However I can't help but think they will all be taking it down soon for a bigger trend... Wallpaper!

We found some Graham and Brown panelled wallpaper on amazon- Take a look here https://amzn.to/3vcSCXu

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Wallpaper, okay I know what you are thinking, it's not a trend its something we all use in our home decor.

Now hear me out here, I'm talking about huge artistry walls from wallpaper.

Think single walls for huge florals or hand drawn designs turned into wallpaper for our homes.

The bigger the pattern the better.

It leads us into the maximalism style.

We found some beautiful peony wallpaper on amazon fit for this trend- https://amzn.to/3PDUzV1

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Trinkets galore for this trend!

Gone are the days of clean lines and family heirlooms tucked away.

Get them out on show, and while you are there bring everything else out to display too.

From extra pillows the sofa to family photos out on display it's time to get them all out.

The maximalism is definitely becoming a way of life not just a trend.

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Bleached wood

Beached stripped wood is going to be making a lovely appearance into the furniture industry.

Think of wood lighter than beech.

Pine works very well on this "trend" as it is a light soft wood, definitely try your hand at bleached wood- just remember to be careful.

Please use a bleach that is made for wood-

We found this brilliant one on amazon for £8.70 https://amzn.to/3OByjtR

TIP- if you want the nice grain of the wood to show up, white wax after you have bleached the wood. We found this rust-oleum one on Amazon - https://amzn.to/3b7D1Sh

When bleaching wood please make sure you follow all the instructions on the bottle.

Photo credit - Amazon

Photo credit - H2OBungalow (they also have some fabulous tips on bleaching wood)


Brass for handles and trinkets is coming back! Time to grab the brasso to keep it clean.

It will start to show in handles, especially for kitchen cabinets.

Hopefully not so much in having the old brass horse shoes back, anyone else remember them? My aunt use to collect them, I hated them for some reason.

Brass is a lovely metal that can be polished up to a high shine or left to "dull" overtime, where it blackens.

Take a look at this modern and unique pair of brass handles fit for any piece of furniture-

Take a look here- https://amzn.to/3zznzrp

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